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Don’t You Just Wish You Could Tell All These Self-Proclaimed

“eBay Gurus” To Just SHUT UP!!!

 Instead of paying attention to the 2:00 AM “commercial guy” on how to earn cash from eBay, understand from somebody who has been there, and done that.

  From the desk of Carl Ferraro,

eBay Powerseller & Creator of The Powerseller Pro


Hello Buddy,

Before I even get began, I just want to let you know that I am actually an eBay supplier.  How many periods do you listen to some so known as eBay professional who knows all the “secrets” to create huge amount of money on eBay and all you have to do is  just pay attention to what they have to say. You might have asked some eBay gurus to give you. Tips for selling on ebay. But no one is going to reveal the secret!

Then it changes out, you recognize they don’t even offer on eBay.   How outrageous is that?  Unfortunately that has become the standard, instead of the exemption.  Just take a look at all those commercials that you see for eBay at 2:00 am.  Do you really think those individuals offer on eBay????? I really don’t think so.

So you guys might be wondering, how to sell on ebay ? what to sell on ebay ? YES ! Every one wants automated online business that needs a little attention!

Well, let’s put an end to that right now!!  My customer ID on eBay is jac29000.  My shop name is Cookie’s Get Bag.  Better yet……let me just provide you with the weblink to my eBay shop, so you don’t have to look for yourself.  Examine it out….

As you can see I am a actual supplier.  Actually here is my reviews ranking and DSR scores.


So, as you can see, I actually have encounter with eBay.  I am a Powerseller with great reviews so I know what I am referring to.  What a relaxing concept, huh??? I have been creating money on eBay since beginning 2007.  But thankfully that I don’t work fulltime time.


The reality is anybody can do it.  eBay was designed for the common operating Joe/Jane who want to get out of the rat competition and appreciate their 100 % free time. Actually eBay has designed more business owners than anywhere else online.  More than 700,000 people still earn a residing on eBay.

Just take a look at how much I designed last 30 days.

ebay revised

Now, I just want to pressure that I do this on a part-time foundation.  I perform about 20-25 time per 7 days on my eBay company.

I also offer on Amazon, and with that I am able to create enough cash to protect most of my eBay and Pay pal Charges.  Here is what I created last season each month with Amazon:




So you can do the mathematical and determine what type of revenue I produce.  By the way, I have been able to do this during one of the most severe financial circumstances in record.

 You may be thinking how much I obvious after costs.  From those revenue, I get a net earnings of 75-80% after all costs and my Powerseller discount rates.  Not too poor for a part-time job?


Now that we got that out of the way I can talk about what The Powerseller Pro is all about.




    Too Many People Just Don’t Know The Right Way                      To Start Selling on eBay


Many individuals LOVE the concept of promoting on eBay.  But unfortunately, most don’t know what it requires to get a effective eBay company up and operating.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that beginning a effective eBay company is not as simple as it once was about 4 or 5 decades ago.  HOWEVER, eBay is still by far the best and simplest way to earn an income on the internet.

Here are some eBay information for you:

  • eBay Gets Over 70,000 New Members Registering With Them Every Single Day!
  • eBay is the #1 Online Marketplace For Products
  • eBay is Currently the 18th Most Visited Website In The Entire Internet
    1/3 Of All Internet Users Visit eBay at least Once A Month
  • eBay Gets More Search Queries on its website than GOOGLE does!!


So, if you think there isn’t cash to be created in eBay, you are unfortunately wrong.

As a point actually, there are still large numbers of eBay suppliers who still create a fulltime residing on eBay.

In reality, if eBay instantly went away, the economic system would take a MAJOR hit, as there are over $100,000 value of dealings being done every individual moment.

However, there are many individuals these days who are trying to earn an income with eBay, but unfortunately most individuals don’t succeed.  Why is That??

It’s really quite easy.

             This is not the year 2002 anymore!!

It used to be a moment, returning in the beginning to mid 2000s where it didn’t issue who you were.  You could earn an income on eBay.  You saw it all time.

It seemed like everywhere you went, you observed about some individual who:

  • Didn’t Have A Hint What They Were Doing
  • Didn’t Have An Ounces Of Company Sense
  • Had No Concept How To Develop Their Business


But yet they had achievements with eBay.  It was due to the point that it created no distinction what you marketed, how you marketed it, when you marketed it, etc….  eBay customers, returning then, were spending more for items on eBay, than they would have just by going to their regional shop.  That’s how insane it was!!!

Unfortunately, it’s not like that any longer on eBay, and the individuals who had no idea how to run a small company, gradually damaged and burnt off.  Because in the existing time, you can’t just “wing it” like individuals used to do.


You Have To Treat eBay Like An Actual Business!!


The times of not understanding how to run a company and being successful on eBay are lengthy gone!  However that’s fantastic information for those that are enthusiastic about actually studying how to run a actual company on eBay.

Believe it or not, for those that know all the actual strategies to being successful on eBay, it is simpler than ever to earn cash on eBay.  Think about it.  After all, you are referring to a web page that gets over 2 thousand individuals viewing it a day!

Do you really think it’s not possible to create a few dollars with that type of traffic????  The distinction is that you are enjoying now under a new set of guidelines than you were several decades ago.  This is where The Powerseller Pro comes in and gives you the detailed process on how to earn cash with eBay.

You’ll be taken by the side as I explain to you from my own encounters what it requires to become an eBay Powerseller. You will not have to go through the same errors that I created when I was first beginning out.  Your studying bend will be essentially unseen.

You may be asking what do I offer on eBay?  The response is really simple:


I Sell Anything That Makes Me A Lot of Money!


Appears to be easy enough, doesn’t it? Well, it actually is.  I am not one of these individuals who says you have to offer only one kind of item or offer from one kind of industry classification. Why on this planet would I want to do that?  Especially when there are 2 thousand individuals going to eBay each day looking for anything and everything under the sun.  Why would I handcuff myself to one particular item line?

I can throw a much broader net by serving a extensive number of those 2 thousand individuals, instead of just promoting to a compact sized amount of them, by just promoting one production.  This is where so many individuals go incorrect.  They experience like they have to pay attention to just one kind of industry.  This creates definitely no feeling when you consider how many marketplaces eBay serves.

It doesn’t issue who you are or what you are looking for.  Everybody goes to eBay to discover a cope, so there will always be guests arriving.  It doesn’t issue if you are promoting sportfishing devices or washing laundry soap.  Individuals always examine eBay first to see what kind of cope they can get.


When it comes to finding products to sell I show you:





  • The Right And Incorrect Type Of Items To Get
  • The Best Way Of Discovering The Best Deals
  • Which Items Should Be Marketed As A Buy It Now or as an Auction?
  • How To Develop A Large Quantity Of Stock In A Hurry
  • How It Is Definitely Possible To Get A Come back Of Financial commitment of 1000%, 2000% 3000%
  • Knowing How Much You’ll Be Able To Offer A Item Before You Buy It
  • Some Easy Actions That Allow You To Contend With The Big Guys and Undercut Them In Price

But getting the appropriate inventory at deal costs doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know what to do with it after you buy it.

You can be the most affordable supplier in all of eBay, but if you don’t know how to successfully record your products or services or service then it does not matter.  It really is impressive how many suppliers on eBay don’t know how to do this properly.


Here is just some of the info covered in the course about listing a product:


  • 100 % free & Simple Way Of Placing Plenty Of Images on a Listing
  • How To Help Improve The Procedure of Record Products
  • How To Produce Eye Capturing Titles
  • Simple Methods Of Developing Images That Really Take a position Out From The Rest
  • Listing Explanations That Are The Most Mentally Attractive To The Eye
  • How To Discover Wonderful Record Layouts For Free
  • The Right And Incorrect Way To Cost For Shipping
  • The Simple Way To Increase Your Positions In The Look for Results
  • The Best Way To Enhance Your eBay Shop Within Your Own Listings


But just like any company, whether it be on the internet or stones and mortar, the only way a company can flourish is through things to look for.  When it comes to eBay this is an overall requirement.  From my reviews and DSR scores you can certainly see that I take it very seriously.

With The Powerseller Pro, I explain to you everything I have discovered about client support including:

  • The Best Way To Get Come back Customers
  • Subtle Methods To Emphasize Clients To Offer Outstanding Feedback For You
  • An Surprisingly Simple Way To Get Outstanding Feedback On The Rate Of Your Shipping
  • How Sensitive Customer Support Always Allows Your Base Line
  • The Right And Incorrect Methods To Manage Customer Complaints
  • How A Simple Thank You E-mail Creates Me Money


I show you examples from my own store

You may be considering that all of this appears to be excellent. But you also may be considering that the course is nothing but a lot of theories? Well, let’s put a quit to that right now!

I am not much for concepts.  I  want to see factors in simply, dark & white-colored from someone who has actually done the perform.

I display items that are in my shop right now, and I tell you exactly how I discovered them, purchased them, detailed them, marketed them, marketed them, how much benefit I created from them. I tell you the actual procedure that I used from starting to end, and even more important I give plenty of illustrations, because I know that the more you see something perform, the more assured you’ll think that it will continue to perform for you.

I also tell you (and display you) particular items and areas that will always be a prospective silver my own, as I have marketed them over and over again.

The course is a lot more than just promoting on eBay.  As you formerly saw, I also offer a little bit on Amazon.  In The Powerseller Pro, I explain to you when it’s better to offer on Amazon than eBay.  There are actually certain items that will always create you more cash on Amazon than you would on eBay.

So, What Do You Get When You Buy The Powerseller Pro?


1) You get my e-book course which will protect every important details that I use to produce income online with eBay.  I keep nothing to opportunity.

I drop the idea of with a lot of rubbish that doesn’t issue to you or your main point here.  I get to the point about what makes you cash, and I do it quickly!

2) Almost 2 hours of movie clips where I go into further details about the resources and the techniques I used to become a powerseller.  I explain to you my eBay shop, products, and all the under the surface activity on 22 movie clips.

3)  Free Account to my publication.  I’m always maintaining my hand on the beat of eBay, and if I find out any new guidelines and techniques about how to produce more sales, I like to discuss it with my visitors.


So, How Much Is This Going To Cost You?


First, I just want to say that I really wish I had a course like this when I was first getting into eBay.  It would have stored me several weeks of complications trying to determine what performs and what doesn’t perform. I would have quickly compensated 100′s of cash to remove the extreme studying bend that I had to go through.

But I also know what it’s like when you are just beginning a company. It can be overwhelming, and all you want is some help.

So, after much discussing and concern, I made the decision to provide the course for one-time little financial commitment of $47.

However, this $47 cost is only an beginning cost.  The provide is only available for a short while only.  Once the cost improves, it will not come down again.

I also want you to know that this is safe.     guarantee

Should you not be pleased with the course content, or if you think that it doesn’t stay up to your anticipations, just e-mail me within 60 times of the buy, and I will happily return your cash.

But when it comes to the main point here, this just performs. You could see it in my eBay shop, in my reviews, in my income, etc… This may not be some wonderful lotto solution, but it’s a sure flame way to hug the 9-5 job farewell and appreciate operating at house.  It’s all up to you.




Q: Does This Have Anything To Do With Dropshipping?

A:  I, individually have nothing against drop-shipping.  Actually there are quite a reasonable number of individuals who have had achievements with it.  However, I don’t use drop-shipping techniques, nor educate it. I offer actual items, which I deliver, and that is what I educate.

Q: How Much Cash Can I Anticipate To Make?

A: That is all up to you.  That’s the attractiveness of this company. The a longer period you put into it, the more earnings you are going to create.  From that aspect, it’s no different than any other company.  Once it’s up and operating, there should be no purpose why you shouldn’t be seeing the same type of earnings I am.

Q: How Much Cash Do I Need To Get Started?

A:  This tends to differ.  It relies on the type of  stock that you get. But to put it in viewpoint, I got this company began with about $100, and you could certainly see where its expanded from there.

Q: Can I Do This Just To Make A Little Additional Money?

A:  Absolutely!  I understand that some individuals may be brief promptly, and you just want to create nowadays cash to help pay the expenses.  Thankfully that the course can perform for those looking to create some part-time money as well.





  • Yes, I want to be able to make money on eBay
  • Yes, I want to learn from a REAL Powerseller
  • Yes, I want to be able to work from home



 I fully realize this is just a one time investment of $19.95 to get The Powerseller Pro Course.

If, for whatever reason, I am not satisfied with the course, I can get a full 100% refund.  No questions asked.

Don’t Delay: The Powerseller Pro will only be available for a limited time only.

You can Obtain the course INSTANTLY after your buy.  An e-mail will be instantly sent to your current e-mail deal with providing you the download guidelines.  Everything is computerized. It doesn’t issue if its 3 am.

To Your Future!

Carl Ferraro

P.S. – Keep in thoughts you have a complete 60 times to analyze out The Powerseller Pro.  You can have satisfaction understanding that if this is not for you, you can demand, for a complete 100% return. I am the one getting the threat.

P.P.S. – Also, don’t ignore that The Powerseller Pro is only available for a short while only for the cost $19.95.

If you have any concerns, please get in touch with me

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